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Latest figures show ecommerce sellers put off Royal Mail by privatisation

Posted on 19/07/2013 by Marketing

Royal mail survey graph 4

A recent survey held by Create has revealed that ecommerce businesses in the UK hold little faith in the privatisation of Royal Mail and have serious concerns that it will affect their businesses in a negative way. The survey asked the Create community of ecommerce businesses what their thoughts were on the recent announcement of confirmed government intentions to privatise Royal Mail. And here’s what they had to say… Read More

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New Automated Refunds

Posted on 18/07/2013 by Marketing


If you buy a parcel label from our website that you then don’t need to use and want to cancel, you can now request a refund on our website. From today, as long as you cancel the label within 28 working days of purchase (and of course it hasn’t been used), we will refund you via the payment method that you used to buy the label. In order to request a refund please go to our contact us page and select “I want to cancel a parcel and get a refund” from the drop down menu.   You will need read more…

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How many retailers are using CollectPlus for return of goods bought online?

Posted on 12/07/2013 by Marketing


One of the key findings in the recently published MICROS 2013 Online Returns and Refund report, was the rise in the number of retailers that now offer the CollectPlus service to return items. In the 2011 report, only 1% of retailers offered CollectPlus, while our latest findings found that this figure had risen to 16%. Also, last year only online retailers used CollectPlus, whereas the latest report found 15% of multi-channel retailers have now adopted the service. However, online retailers are still more likely to use CollectPlus when compared with multi-channel retailers. – Read full article here 

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From antiquated systems to best-of-class: how Morrisons is preparing for multichannel

Posted on 12/07/2013 by Marketing

Morrisons e1315513811838

Morrisons’ online grocery delivery service must be one of the most eagerly anticipated that there is. It’s still not here, but this week Morrisons’ chief executive Dalton Philips gave us some interesting insights into its progress towards multichannel retail, and into where it started from. Systems that held it back from trading online, takings that had to be counted by hand, and ordering that had to be written down in pen and ink are all enumerated in Philips’ speech this week. It sounds outdated and surprising, but we might well be surprised by how common this starting point is for read more…

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PayPal’s payment processing Resolved

Posted on 08/07/2013 by Marketing

We’re pleased to say that PayPal is now once again available as a payment option for our Send service when you checkout.  Following issues experienced last week, we are confident that the problem has been resolved and have therefore reinstated the payment by PayPal option.  Although this issue was beyond our control, we do apologise to any customers who experienced difficulties receiving their labels after paying with PayPal or who could not pay by PayPal over the last few days.  If you think were affected when paying with PayPal and have not contacted us, you can do so by clicking here

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PayPal’s payment processing (Resolved)

Posted on 05/07/2013 by Marketing

Paypal logo

UPDATED – Click here to view update We are currently experiencing issues with PayPal’s payment process which is intermittently affecting a small number of customer transactions.  It appears that on an occasional basis, customers have not received their label once payment has been taken.  We are working hard to ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible and will refund any customer who has been affected by this problem.   To prevent this issue continuing in the short term we have temporarily suspended the option to pay by PayPal, until the problem has been resolved.  Please accept our read more…

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