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Store Updates | December 10th 2015

A Q&A with Pauline Davey, winner of our ‘Store of the Quarter’ award

CollectPlus Store of the Quarter: Pauline Davey and her nephew Lee Moody are co-owners of Beaumont’s in Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

The store recently won our prestigious national Store of the Quarter award, which recognises the best of the CollectPlus network. Beaumont’s achieved the best overall performance for customer satisfaction in the network, scoring an impressive 4.91 out of 5 stars between July and September 2015.

Read on to find out more about what makes their store so special.

CollectPlus store of the Quarter winner Pauline Davey.
CollectPlus store of the Quarter winner Pauline Davey.

Beaumont’s in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, is a family-run business, established 16 years ago by Mr and Mrs. Davey and now jointly run by their daughter-in-law Pauline Davey and her nephew Lee Moody.

The store was one of the very first to join the CollectPlus network in early 2009 and is at the heart of the local community. Thanks to the efforts of Lee and Pauline, along with their hard-working staff, the store has continued to attract loyal customers despite competition from large supermarkets, which have set up just a short walk away.

We caught up with Pauline to find out more about their successful store, and ask how it feels to win the CollectPlus Store of the Quarter award.

Q. There are over 5,800 newsagents, convenience stores and petrol stations in the CollectPlus network. How does it feel to have been named the UK’s best CollectPlus store?

A. We were shocked and really excited to win this award. Lee and I are equal partners, and we’re very lucky to have a great team who work really hard. It’s wonderful to receive such nice feedback directly from our customers, as we really focus on keeping them happy and providing good customer service.

Q. What has been your experience of running a small family store in Bishop Auckland?

A: We’re truly a family business. I opened the store with my parents-in-law in 1999 and after they retired my nephew Lee joined me in 2008. There is a lot of competition in the neighbourhood but we’ve worked very hard to make the store what it is today and the local community continues to be really supportive of us. Bishop Auckland is an old market town and Beaumont’s is surrounded by streets of houses on all sides, so we have lots of loyal customers who come in regularly.

Q: How has the CollectPlus service helped you to grow your business?

A: It’s very helpful for local residents to be able to pick up and drop off parcels outside of regular delivery times, such as on their way to and from work. We’re open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 9pm, and on Sunday from 9am to 9pm, which keeps us very busy but I think the local community really appreciates the service we provide through CollectPlus.

We joined the network back in 2009 to provide a helpful service to our customers, and we’re delighted that it has brought in new faces who continue to shop here. We also find that customers often pick up additional items when they come to collect and drop off parcels!

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A: We’ve decided to give out our prize vouchers to the staff to thank them for all their hard work. Other than that, we’ll carry on as we have been doing, as it seems to be working! The most important thing to us is keeping our customers happy and providing a valuable service to the local community.



December 10th 2015 - by @CollectPlus