News | April 13th 2015

CollectPlus to host Business on the Move tournament on European Supply Chain Day

businessonthemove460x220Did you know that CollectPlus takes centre stage in an exciting new board game?

Business on the Move is a fun and innovative game that challenges players to run their own businesses, with a focus on moving stock in the fastest, most cost-effective and responsible way possible.

The game has been designed with the aim of introducing young people to the world of business and the complex supply chains at the heart of UK industry. Echoing the dilemmas faced by real-life business leaders the world over, players are encouraged to ask questions such as “How do I meet the delivery deadline?”; “Will I make a profit?”; “How can I improve my supply chain?”; and “How can I cut my carbon footprint?”

While the game is intended for players aged 9-19, it’s an enjoyable way for people of any age to develop and hone their business skills, and as with all great board games, there’s an element of friendly competition as well as education.

On Thursday 16th April, we at CollectPlus HQ will be putting our supply chain know-how to the test, taking on teams from John Lewis and M&S in a special Business on the Move tournament on European Supply Chain Day.

Who will emerge as a logistics legend as we bring together these phenomenal players in the world of UK retail? We’ll be sure to keep you posted over on our Twitter and Instagram channels.

April 13th 2015 - by @CollectPlus