News Retail | July 12th 2013

From antiquated systems to best-of-class: how Morrisons is preparing for multichannel

Morrisons’ online grocery delivery service must be one of the most eagerly anticipated that there is. It’s still not here, but this week Morrisons’ chief executive Dalton Philips gave us some interesting insights into its progress towards multichannel retail, and into where it started from. Systems that held it back from trading online, takings that had to be counted by hand, and ordering that had to be written down in pen and ink are all enumerated in Philips’ speech this week. It sounds outdated and surprising, but we might well be surprised by how common this starting point is for traditional high street retailers now battling to get ahead in today’s competitive commerce environment. – Read full article

July 12th 2013 - by @CollectPlus