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A Q&A with Karen Webster, winner of our ‘Store of the Year’ award

Karen Webster is the store owner behind the popular Candy Cabin in Newquay, Cornwall. She credits her hard-working and dedicated team as the driving force behind the convenience store’s prestigious award win. Read on to find out what sent this store rocketing to the top of the CollectPlus customer service leader board, and how the team overcame some of the UK’s most extreme weather conditions to achieve customer service success.

CollectPlus CEO Neil Ashworth with store owner Karen Webster

Every year CollectPlus celebrates the very best stores in its UK-wide network by awarding its ‘Store of the Year’ award to the highest achieving convenience store. This initiative recognises top quality service and customer satisfaction across our network of 7,000+ locations.

We spoke to the store’s owner, Karen Webster, to find out more about her reaction to the award win and the store’s impressive feedback from the local community in Newquay.

There are now over 7,000 newsagents, convenience stores, petrol stations and shopping centres in the CollectPlus network. How did you react to being named the UK’s best CollectPlus store?

Our first reaction to hearing we’d won the award was pure amazement, as we really couldn’t believe that we’d won a national award as a team. My husband and I have owned our shop for 15 years and now the business feels like a family, so we couldn’t be prouder of this fantastic achievement.

How has being part of the CollectPlus network changed your business?

Joining the CollectPlus network has certainly contributed to the way our business has grown over recent years. Using the CollectPlus service is now second nature to everyone who visits our store, so it’s lovely to witness the business flourish within our community as more customers really start to value being part of the network, almost as much as we do.

Did you have any stand-out store experiences thanks to CollectPlus?

There have been various memorable experiences we’ve had in our store since joining the CollectPlus network. We’ve been inundated with parcels on Black Friday, and there is regularly a sea of pink from the quantities of ‘Very’ parcels we receive each week.

What stands out most is probably the sheer size of some parcels, which a number of our customers appear to have underestimated over the years. We once had an attempted delivery of a shower door and tray that we simply had to refuse because it wouldn’t fit in the store, let alone behind the counter!

What’s the feedback been like from your local community over the last year?

We’re really pleased with the feedback we’ve had from our customers and the wider community in Newquay. We’ve worked hard to ensure our regular visitors and older customers always receive a friendly and more personable experience from us. It’s a great feeling to be recognised by our customers for being a convenient and sociable location to shop and handle their deliveries. There’s a sense of community spirit at the Candy Cabin that our customers appreciate, and winning this award shows our store is heading in the right direction.


July 5th 2018 - by @CollectPlus