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CollectPlus packaging guidelines

Before buying your label please check that we can accept your parcel. Please see section 7 of our terms and conditions for more information.

Top Packaging Tips

  • Wrap items within a parcel individually, ensuring items cannot move around in transit
  • Use padding so that the item/s do not touch any of the sides of the box
  • Use strong packaging to protect the item in transit, preferably strong rigid boxes as your parcel may have other parcels on top of it during parts of its journey (black bags/bin liners should not be used)
  • Use original packaging where possible, however please conceal the nature of the item
  • Make sure packaging is securely sealed using strong tape
  • Attach your label to the parcel securely ensuring the barcode is not covered with any tape

8 Common Packaging mistakes and how to avoid them

Are you a prolific online marketplace seller? Packaging is a crucial step in the process that sellers ignore at their peril, as the presentation and preservation of your goods is of paramount importance. Take a look at our top tips below, on how to package like a pro – from padded envelopes to popcorn. Ensuring you have these simple steps covered could make a big difference to the success of your online business.

Common packaging mistakes

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