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How to send a parcel with CollectPlus

Sending a parcel with CollectPlus is simple but to help you, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Why do I need to provide my address when booking a label?

During the checkout process we request your (the sender’s) address. This is in case the parcel cannot be delivered (we will make 3 delivery attempts) so that we can return it to you.
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What happens if no one is home when my parcel is delivered?

If you have not upgraded to our Signature Required option and your recipient is not at home when the delivery is attempted, our driver will try to leave your parcel in a safe place and leave a card to explain where the parcel is. (To protect the safety of your goods we have certain guidelines in place as to what counts as a ‘safe place’).

If the driver cannot find a safe place, they will keep the parcel and leave a card with a telephone number for redelivery to be arranged. They will attempt redelivery 3 times before your parcel is returned to you.

If you have chosen our Signature Required option and your recipient is out on the day of delivery and a neighbour is not available to take receipt of the parcel, the driver will leave a card which will have a contact telephone number. The recipient can then get in contact to arrange redelivery. If your recipient doesn’t arrange redelivery then the driver will automatically try to redeliver the parcel the following day.
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I want to send a parcel, how do I buy a label?

There are two ways to send a parcel to a recipient, you can either send it to their home address (“Store to Door”) or if they are likely to be out, you can send it to their local CollectPlus store where they can collect at a time that suits them (“Store to Store”).
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Buy a label for delivery to a home address

Go to and enter your recipient’s postcode in the ‘send a parcel ‘ box. On the next screen complete the recipient’s details and house number/name fields. Select your service and level of cover/proof of delivery you require.  You will be asked to give your own address details before the final checkout – this is so if we are unable to deliver your parcel for whatever reason, we will be able to return the parcel to you. You can then complete the checkout process and buy and print your label. Alternatively  you an choose to have your label printed in store – Select this option when buying your label.
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Book a label  for delivery to a CollectPlus Store

If you want to send a parcel from one CollectPlus store to another, click here to find your recipient’s nearest store and place your order – it’s as easy as sending to their home address, but may be more convenient.
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I cannot pay for my label on your website, can I pay over the phone?

All labels must be purchased either directly through our website or if you sell though Amazon or eBay you can purchase your labels directly through their marketplaces.

You can either use a credit or debit card to make a payment, or use Paypal.
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Can I buy a label in a CollectPlus store?

Labels cannot be purchased from CollectPlus stores directly.  You can buy a CollectPlus  send label online and choose for a small fee to print your label in a CollectPlus store.

When you are sending a parcel all labels must be purchased either directly through our website or if you are selling on Amazon or eBay you can purchase your label directly through their marketplaces.
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Can I book a home collection with CollectPlus?

You cannot book a home collection with CollectPlus.  However, you can send and collect parcels from over 6,000 local convenience stores with CollectPlus.  Parcels can be sent from our stores to home addresses or back to retailers or from one store to another.
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 How to use our new bulk upload function

We understand that you want to upload and print several labels at once so we’ve made it easier by introducing our bulk upload tool. In order to use this option you’ll need a CSV file with all the details for the label.


What is a CSV file?

A CSV file, or comma separated values file, is a document where information on each line is separated by commas, allowing sets of data to be interpreted and uploaded quickly to our website. A CSV file can be easily created from a spreadsheet, using common office programs such as Excel.

You can see our sample shipments CSV file here. The quickest way to create yours would be to download our sample file and then edit the information to fit your requirements. If not, please be aware that your CSV file needs to have the following columns:

How to send a parcel with CollectPlus

When you have completed your file, upload it via your CollectPlus profile. You will then be taken to a page which allows you to alter the type of shipping and the size of your parcels for each individual label. Here, you can either ‘select all’ and pay for the shipping costs together or individually check the parcels that you want to complete the transaction for.

This bulk upload option is free and easy to use. You can use it here.

We have also updated the print layout of your labels, to find out more click here.
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What time will my parcel be delivered?

Parcels can be delivered anytime between 7am and 9pm Monday to Friday, we do not offer timed delivery slots.  We do make some deliveries to customers’  homes on Saturdays, but cannot guarantee this across the UK.
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How does the CollectPlus “Standard “service work?

This service works in exactly the same way as our “Economy service” always has, just faster. This is typically a two day service which starts the day after you drop off your parcel, it will be collected the next working day and in most instances be delivered the next working day after that.

Please note that you should typically allow 1 extra working day for deliveries to and from Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and the Far North of Scotland and up to 5 extra working days for the deliveries to and from the Scottish Islands.

Please also note that we do not deliver to or from the Channel Islands.
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Why is Saturday not a “working day”?

We do not have automatic collections from every CollectPlus store each day, some are triggered by parcel demand.  So we cannot guarantee that your parcel will be collected or delivered to store on a Saturday (the same applies for Bank Holidays). We do make some deliveries to customer’s homes on Saturdays, but cannot guarantee this across the UK so we don’t count this as a working day.
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What compensation cover is available with CollectPlus?

If you’re sending high value items, you have the option of taking out compensation cover when using CollectPlus. Although our prices include industry-leading cover of £50 as standard, you can also add on additional compensation cover for more valuable items for only a small amount more:

  • Up to £50 cover – complementary
  • £3.00 buys you up to £150 of cover
  • £5.00 buys you up to £300 of cover

This means that in the unlikely event of your item(s) being lost or damaged, we’ll offer you £50 or the value of the item (whichever is the lesser) in compensation. We also provide online tracking as standard whenever you send a parcel with us.
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How do I take out cover when sending a parcel with CollectPlus?

Taking out cover on items valued at £50 and above is easy: simply select the level of cover appropriate to the value of the items you are sending in the drop-down menu on our send page, and purchase your cover along with your label at the checkout.

collectplus compensation cover

You will also notice that along with our standard online tracking, we automatically provide you with a proof of delivery service when you purchase compensation cover. This service requires a signature on delivery at your recipient’s address, giving you additional peace of mind.

Please note, our complementary cover for items valued at under £50 does not include proof of delivery as standard, but you can opt in to this service by selecting ‘£50 cover + tracking + signature’ to add proof of delivery to your order for just £1.

While we work very hard to delivery all of our parcels quickly and safely, feedback from customers who’ve had to make a claim suggests that not taking out adequate cover can sometimes be a costly oversight. So don’t get caught out!

And of course don’t forget to check our website’s terms and conditions for more information on what we do and don’t carry.
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