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What size parcels can I send with CollectPlus?

Are you looking to use our send service and want to know what size parcels you can send with CollectPlus? Our handy guide below should tell you all you need to know to ensure your items is within the right dimensions and within our weight limit of 10kg, so we recommend you refer to it whenever you want to send a parcel with us.

To make it easier to remember what parcel weights we carry, we have grouped these into three categories: light, regular and heavy, along with examples of familiar items that weigh roughly the same amount.

Before you send, don’t forget to ensure your item is not on our prohibited list.

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What is the maximum size of parcel I can send?

60x50x50cm is the maximum dimensions for our parcel service. Items larger than this cannot be carried as our network uses conveyor belts and these items will be too big.

Please remember that there are some items we cannot carry for reasons other than size, please check our T&Cs
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I have a parcel to send that is a different shape to your specified dimensions, what can I do?

Our maximum dimensions are 60x50x50cm.  This applies to any parcel weight – up to 10kgs – and gives you greater flexibility when you need to send a large item. We cannot accept longer shapes e.g. golf clubs as they are too long and difficult to move through shop doors and in our vans.

Please note that it is important that the label is on a flat surface so that it can be scanned easily through our network.

To enable us to deliver your parcel safely and on time, using the correct packaging is essential; please click here for our guidelines.

Please note there are some goods we are unable to carry for legal and other reasons – please check here for full details.

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